Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Battling the jitters

For someone who likes to talk about the craft of writing as much as I do, you would think getting up in front of a group of conference goers wouldn't intimidate me in the least.

You'd be wrong.

On October 6th, I am scheduled to speak at the Ohio Library Conference in Columbus, OH. I am thrilled that the opportunity sort of fell into my lap after a gig at a local chamber of commerce meeting, but now that the date is drawing near, I am developing a case of stage fright.

Since the release of my first book last year, I've spoken to many groups about the writing and publishing game. But my audiences are usually made up of novices, so anything I say is profound and enlightening. At least that's what my mother says.

This audience will be different. They've been sent to Columbus by their respective libraries to learn something. They probably know more of what to expect than I do.

Rule number one is to know your material. Okay. My topic is Breaking into the Christian Fiction Market. I can talk about that blindfolded.

Number two: Entertain while you educate. No problem. I'm funny and often charming.

Number three: Don't look nervous, even when you are. That one will be tricky.

Number four: Finish big. The closing is what everyone remembers.

Hmm. Be knowledgeable. Be witty. Be confident. Leave them wanting more. Piece of cake. I'll let you know how it goes.

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