Monday, September 19, 2005

Craft Fairs

I have been talking about marketing the last few weeks and would love to share a great experience I had this past weekend. On Saturday, I participated in a craft fair/flea market to benefit Cause for Paws in Chillicothe, Ohio. For a minimal fee of $20, I got a 10x10 booth to set up my books. I sold 23 books over the course of the afternoon. My personal best. The best thing about setting up is I was invited to two more craft fairs/bazaars later in the year. This was one of those situations where you need to know someone to get invited to participate. Now that I'm in the loop, more invitations are sure to follow.

My favorite marketing venues are the ones that don't cost me any out of pocket. But those are rare. The money for my set up this time went to Cause for Paws which I wholeheartedly support anyway. My dog, Angel, is a rescue dog, and I encourage everyone to check out their local shelter before adding a pet to the family.

Back to marketing; good things always happen when we get out from behind our desks to go in search of readers. I was pleased with the 23 books sold at the event, and equally pleased with the positive response I received from the community. I gave out every flyer I had with me and was scrounging in the floorboard of my car for leftovers. I met readers who seldom go into bookstores and even more who don't visit their libraries on a regular basis. Don't limit your marketing efforts to conventional venues like stores and libraries.

Get outside. Enjoy the autumn weather. Think outside the box.

See you soon.

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  1. Awesome story. 23 books in one event is very impressive. I'll have to check into the craft fairs in my area.