Monday, September 05, 2005

Gentlemen really do prefer blondes

I've been a redhead for seven days now, and I'm still getting used to the new face in the mirror. I've received all kinds of feedback. Most affirmation has come from the women in my life. After recovering from the initial shock of seeing me--this is a radical color change for a fair-skinned Scandanavian with freckles--the general consensus is positive. Men on the other hand, wrinkle their foreheads and say, "You are going back, aren't you?"

Marilyn was right. Gentlemen do indeed prefer blondes. Or maybe it's the unnatural deep red-violet-burgundy hue on my head that fills them with dismay. Regardless, I'm happy with it. All I wanted out of this experience was to see myself as something other than blonde.

Not every male opinion was negative. One gentlemen called me Gena Davis. He was either very kind or very nearsighted, but I'll take my compliments where I can get them.

Thus ends my holiday weekend. Back to writing tomorrow. May this blog bless you and inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Your writing will be better for it.

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