Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Days

What do people who don't go to church do on Sundays? We woke up this morning to our first measurable snow of the season. Church services were cancelled. The roads are treacherous so I won't be going to my nephew's second birthday party today. My friend's aunt passed away and her visitation is this afternoon. Freezing rain is predicted on top of the three inches of snow so I doubt I'll make it to the service either.

What to do with an unexpected day with nothing to do! After a little surfing on the web, sweeping off the front and back porches and a path to the car, a lunch of garlic shrimp and pasta, and a nap, I'm bored. So that brings me back to my question, what do people do when they don't go to church?

Remember those snow days from school when we were kids? Here in Ohio, the school board allows five. If the district uses more than the allotted five, they have to be made up somewhere else throughout the year. The first thing to go is President's Day in February. Then Easter break. If the school still hasn't made up the days by the end of the term, school is extended into June. Not fun, but didn't we enjoy those unexpected mornings in the dead of winter?

Back then, I reacted to Snow Days the same way I did this morning. Exciting at first but within an hour or two, my sisters and I were bugging our poor mother to death. As a writer though, I can always find inspiration in the winter wonderland outside my window. Writing is undoubtably more fun, not to mention productive in Winter. First and foremost, there are few chores beckoning us outdoors. As I tap away at my keyboard, I don't feel guilty about the weeds growing merrily in my flowerbeds or the yard that needs mowing or the car that needs washed.

Then there's the romantic notion of a snowbound writer creating a masterpiece while the snow whirls outside her window. Unfortunately the notion is basically that. But I do seem to get more done this time of year.

I need to get my current ms to my publisher by the end of the month. They are expecting a romance novella out of me by April so I need to get hustling on that too. If all goes well, we'll have plenty more snowdays to boost my creativity.

See you soon.

Monday, January 08, 2007

In the Beginning

One of the most exciting things for a writer is beginning a new project. That's where I'm at right now. So many projects, possibilities, opportunities to tell the world I have something to say. It's also one of most frustrating, scary times for a writer. That blinking cursor mocking me, reminding me I still haven't made any major bestseller lists; that there are already plenty of fodder out there vying for the reading public's attention and pocketbook, what makes me think I have anything worthy to add.

I can't really say that I do, but I'm going to have another go at it. I found one of my books on another online site today. I'm not as impressed by my name in print as I used to be. Now I realize that it won't necessarily amount to anything. But I'm going to keep writing. I can't help myself. I know there's another book in me, a bestseller that will propel me to the top of the charts. But I won't find it if I don't sit myself down in front of the computer and get to work.

I've used up every stalling tactic in my arsenal to avoid beginning this book. First off, I just finished the last one in December. I think I deserve a week or two to decompress. Then I got all my '06 affairs together necessary to please Uncle Sam since that time of year has rolled around again. I watered the plants this morning. I set up another book signing, mailed off some promo material for the aforementioned signing, walked the dog, posted on my other blog, sent out a mass emailing, did nearly an hour of Tae-bo, and fixed lunch. All that's left to keep me from getting started is a nap. The loveseat behind me sure looks inviting.

Deadlines mean I am finally a working writer. This is what I've dreamed of for as long as I can remember. Alas, it is not as romantic as one might think. A friend of mine says she used to imagine writing a book. She pictured herself as another Angela Lansbury character. Then she met me and I doused all those pre-conceived notions on the allure of the writing life. She's no longer interested in moving to Cabot Cove and pecking out mysteries on an old Selectric.

After this post has been published I am determined to start brainstorming some new book ideas. Of course that might be better accomplished at the local library. Or the dog might need walked again. That couch just keeps looking better and better.

I'll let you know how it goes.
Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Looking ahead to '07

January first, 2007! What a lot of promise in looking ahead to the New Year. I finished my latest book on December 30th and sent it to my first proofreader. I'm sure I'll have plenty of polishing and fine tuning before it begins its journey through the channels at Tsaba House, but I'm excited that I've made it this far.

I read a quote from J.K.Rowlings the other day where she said she is exhausted and elated just thinking about finishing Book 7 in the Harry Potter series. I know how she feels. Sometimes I wonder why I even started a project, but as it gets closer to the end, my excitement mounts. I am happy with my latest offering and hope my publisher and editor will be as well.

It's hard to look too far into '07 at this point. My husband is watching the Outback Bowl between the Tennessee Vols and the Nittany Lions, and alternating screaming and cheering for his team. It's about 48 degrees outside with no snow on the ground. Doesn't seem like New Year's Day without snow. My one resolution this year is that I will attempt to post more to both my blogs--check out my other one at tsabahouseauthors.

January '07 will be spent outlining Book 4 of my Jenna's Creek series and polishing my current work in preparation for publication. My next book, Evidence of Grace, is due out in June. I have already seen the cover and can't wait for you to see it too. Keep spreading the word about the books. I wouldn't be in this position without you, my readers.

Have a wonderful New Year's Day & 2007