Sunday, August 28, 2005

Going Red

Life is a journey, at least according to the not-so-original title of this blog. So as a newly published author on this journey from relatively unknown writer of two Christian fiction books, which are pretty good if I do say so myself, to best selling novelist--the Lord willing--I am ready to take a radical step. Well, for me it's a radical step. Tomorrow morning, after Taebo and my morning phone call to a dear friend to catch up on all the major life happenings that occurred over the weekend, I'm going to make a change. My haircolor. "Big deal," you say. "I do that three or four times a year," you say. But if you knew me, you'd know what a big deal this is. I'm going from summer blonde, the gorgeous color God gave me, to red, which I've seriously considered since Reba McIntyre made it big in the 1980's.

I'm not talking strawberry blonde or Light Auburn 203. I'm talking RED. Garnier Nutrisse Pomegranate to be exact. It is so not blonde.

I know. I know. You're still not impressed. If you knew me, you'd be impressed. When my speaking career began last summer after the release of my first book, Streams of Mercy, I was a nervous wreck. The thought of getting up in front of people and calling attention to myself is not something I like to do. But I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. Starting with my hair.

So if you live in or around southern Ohio, and are startled out of your Monday routine by a piercing wail and the sickening cries of; "Why, oh why? What was I thinking?", don't panic. It's only me. And for the next six to eight weeks, I'll be a redhead.

Life is a journey. I can't wait to get started.