Friday, September 02, 2005

Obstacles that thwart the creative flow

For weeks I've been saying I am a few days away from finishing Book 3 of my Jenna's Creek Novels series, Evidence of Grace. Instead, I'm butting my head up against walls, either creatively or literally.

What's standing in my way this time? First, it's a long weekend so my husband is off work, and I never get anything done when someone else is in the house interfering with my normal routine.

Second, it's hot in here. I opened the windows this morning when it was sixty degrees outside and feeling quite glorious. But now it's eighty and stuffy in here. Too late in the day for a confirmed tightwad like me to close the windows and turn on the air. Ain't gonna happen. So I suffer, along with my creative flow.

And the biggest obstacle to finishing my novel that is currently at the 108K word stage...drum roll, please... My dog stinks. I mean she reeks. Molly, my beloved collie, setter, and who-knows-what-else-variety digs moles out of the yard and tortures them until they're dead. Then, ugh, this is really gross, she rubs all over their mutilated bodies. She comes back into the house smelling like she's been dumpster diving, which I don't think would smell as bad.

So I'm sitting at my computer struggling thru those last stages of bringing a manuscript together and tying up loose ends, and I'm sweating, I hear my husband channel surfing in the other room, and I'm trying to type one-handed while holding my nose.

I wonder if Hemingway got started this way.

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