Thursday, September 27, 2007

A sad state of affairs

What a sad world we live in! The following may not be news to you, espcially if you have children in school, but it came as quite a shock to me.

The other day, my granddaughter informed me they haven't had a Lock-down drill in the second grade yet. They had a couple in first grade, but none so far this year. I know what a lockdown is, but I never imagined applying the term to the second grade.

In a matter of fact way that broke my heart, she explained how a lock-down works. The teacher locks the door, turns out the lights, and pulls special black-out shades over the windows that they didn't demonstrate during Open House. The children are commanded to hide in their cubbies and keep very quiet until the teacher tells them it's safe to come out.

I asked why they had lock-downs. She said it's in case a robber comes into the school. He may have a gun. I didn't bother to tell her if a bad man brought a gun into a public school, he was not looking to rob the place.

While she talked, I fought the urge to burst into tears. I thought of how sad it is that my grandchildren live in a world that forces little children to hide in wooden boxes to hide from "robbers" who might come in with the intent of spraying their classroom with high powered weapons.

She is a typical product of this current generation. She saw nothing strange about hiding in her cubby until she got the all clear. But her Nana counts it strange. Strange and frustrating and terribly frightening.

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