Monday, September 10, 2007

Hiring an Assistant

As my to-do list grew this morning, I thought--not for the first time--how wonderful it would be to have an assistant to take care of my ever growing list of administrative duties that keep me from writing. A friend told me all I needed was better time management skills.

People are always helpful when they don't know what they're talking about.

I am determined to write Book 4 of my Jenna's Creek Series and make it publisher worthy by the end of the year. A piece of cake for some writers but not for me with everything else I have going on. Fall is my busy time of year. Check out my schedule of events page on my website. I have about ten events scheduled so far through the end of November with several more to come.

Besides speaking and signing engagements and writing a book, my husband and I are planning a few minor remodeling gigs around the house before the weather changes. Last Friday we came home from Lowe's laden with paint chips, catalogs, helpful hint guides, stain, and crown molding. Yes, I said crown molding. My rickety old house has cheap manufactured trim I have dreamed for years of eradicating. The trim around the windows in the bedrooms has never been finished. That's Job #1 followed by staining the fence that keeps our dogs in the yard, the back deck and front porch.

The baseboards and chair rail in the living/dining room and kitchen needs removed and painted to match the crown molding for which I still haven't chosen a color. The ceilings will get a fresh coat along with the walls. I hope the wallpaper in the kitchen will last until spring, but that depends on what color I choose for the living/dining room. They share a common wall so when you choose a color for my house, it must match the towels in the master bath. My husband bought this house in his single days and wasn't worried about color schemes or astetic appeal.

Besides writing, speaking, painting, and all the usual chores that go with maintaining a home business...and a home, I am procuring speaking gigs for the spring. I am working on classes for three writers' conferences, the first one in April.

Add to those duties participation in blog tours that get my name out there, article writing and sending out mass mailers. Oh, man, I forgot all about my Christmas newsletter. It's never too early to think about that.

Not to mention posting on my blog which I am determined to do at least 4 times a week. My friend is right. I need better time management skills, especially since an assistant isn't likely to show up for several years. Even if she did, I'd probably have her wash my car and tackle the sink of dishes first.

Have a great Monday.

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