Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Projects

I am determined to start my new book this week. Oh, I've done a little work on the actual book and lots of plotting, characterization, and outlining. A writer must be careful though that she or he doesn't spend so much time preparing for a new project, they never ctually begin.

I fear that's what I'm doing now.

In all fairness, I've been busy getting ready for fall. We spent last week staining our fence, deck, and porches. Still a little more to do on that. We bought crown molding and trim for our windows which have been up for years with unfinished trim. Don't you hate that? New crown molding means I must paint the living room, dining room, and kitchen from ceiling to baseboards.

I can't fathom how many writers produce in a houseful of preschoolers, fulltime jobs, and the many other distractions that come with life. Talk about dedication. I get distracted when the dogs want to go for a walk, and can barely stay ahead of housework with only my husband and me messing it up.

It's all about focus, discipline, and the desperate desire to write. I'm psyched and ready to get started even with the painting and staining and other chores that need done with winter on the way.

I'll get there. How about you? Let's get to work.
Happy Monday.

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