Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 in Review

Pictured here is the Shelby County Courthouse in Sidney, Ohio. Thanks to Patsy Maxwell of the Love.Christ Christian Bookstore on the courthouse square on Poplar Street in Sidney for allowing me to
come to her store for a signing and author event on November 17 during the annual town lighting on the courthouse lawn. I had a wonderful time meeting Patsy and the people of Sidney.

2006 kept me very busy with signings and library events. I wrote two books this year, including my latest which I am printing off today to give to one of my proofreaders. I should've finished this book sooner so I could get started on Book 4 of my Jenna's Creek series. In order to have it published Summer, '08, I need to have it to my publisher by April of '07. It's safe to say that isn't going to happen.

Oh well, this post isn't to lament what I didn't get done, but to remember what I did. January 2006 saw the publication of my third book, Redemption's Song, the second in my Jenna's Creek series. Redemption's Song was highly recommended among reviewers and received a five-star review from the Midwest Book Review. Late winter and early spring of 2006 were spent promoting the latest installment of the Jenna's Creek Series and working on a new series book. Tsaba House has decided to hold that book until after the Jenna's Creek series is complete.

In July, 2006 my husband & I joined the Tsaba House family at the Intl. Christian Retail Show in Denver, CO. We had a wonderful time. Denver is a beautiful city. Ralph and I enjoyed another tour into the mountains while we were there. I highly recommend taking one of these tours. They are not cheap, but you will see things you might miss if you attempt the trip on your own. Besides, who wants to worry about manuevering the trecherous mountain roads when you can sit back and enjoy the view and let a knowledgeable tour bus driver handle it for you?

Back home I began my latest book, tentatively titled Every Secret Thing. This is the first book I've written that I didn't hate throughout the writing process. Usually when I am working on a book, I don't like it. After it's finished and I am immersed in rewrites, I think, "Wow, I don't even remember writing this. It's really good."

In September Tsaba House released my fourth book, The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter. It is a stand-alone book that I am very excited about. Darcy also received rave reviews and it finding its way onto library and bookstore shelves around the country. How exciting.

The fall of the year is typically my busiest season. I do a lot of craft fairs and book shows where I set up a booth to sell my books. This year was my most successful to date. Either I'm getting better at selling to people or I just have so many books out, I automatically make more money. Either way, I met lots of readers and converted new ones. What a boost to my ego to hear how much you enjoy the books!

I called someone last week to look for my step-sister Lisa Douglas, who is visiting from Dallas. The nine-year-old in the house saw my name on the caller ID and said, "Is that the world famous author, Teresa Slack?" Wow! I'm not used to hearing myself referred to as world famous. But I like it.

Amidst the hustle and confusion that is the holiday season, I managed to complete another manuscript with three days to spare in 2006. Now I am looking forward to '07. What it will bring is still a mystery, but I can't wait to get started.

Special thanks to my faithful readers who bought the books for Christmas gifts or forwarded a link to my website to all their friends. Thank you to all the readers who purchased a copy of the books for the Book for a Soldier program to support our troops in Iraq. It's not too late, btw. If you're interested, let me know and I'll set you or your church up.

More than anything I want to thank my Heavenly Father for another year of health and blessings. None of this would be possible without his favor. I am truly blessed to be in this business. I read today there are an estimated 6 million manuscripts floating around the U.S. looking for a home at any given time. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt God was in the process when I found Tsaba House, and He has made it possible for me to touch hearts with my fiction.

Be blessed & have a wonderful 2007.

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