Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Here in Ohio, the leaves are starting to change. I almost hate to see it happen. Not because it means the unpredicatability of winter is just around the corner. Like all the seasons I love winter. The peaceful quiet when a heavy snow blankets the trees and the earth. The sparkling beauty of sunshine on a winter's landscape. The vivid pinks, reds, oranges, and purples the freezing temperatures splash across the sky every morning to usher in the day. I almost hate to see the leaves change because there's a good chance if I blink I might miss it.

This summer has been dry, which usually means Autumn's magnificent color show won't be as vibrant or last as long. But the cool nights and hot days mean the apples ripening on the trees will taste better, so it's a fair trade.

Everywhere around us is the beauty and splendor of Creation. I spend most of my daytime hours inside in front of my computer, so I miss some of these last gorgeous days of mild weather. I don't stop to enjoy the color changes on the trees as much as I could. But I enjoy good health, a body that cooperates with nearly any task I ask of it, and people who love me. Like everyone, I come across jealousy, strife, resentment, misunderstandings, and loneliness in my daily walk. But I also have more than my share of blessings: love, peace, joy, romance, happiness, fulfillment.

We can focus on the negative in this world; there's plenty around if you stop and look. Or we can focus on the positive and share that with the world; there's plenty of that too. You might have to look a little. Or then again, it might be right under your nose.

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