Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wasted writing time

So much is keeping me from writing these days, some of it avoidable, most of it not. Today my father-in-law is having knee replacement surgery. Unavoidable. Yesterday some girlfriends and I spent the entire day Christmas shopping at one of those upscale malls. Totally avoidable. I bought my husband a pack of socks and my granddaughter some Hannah Montana memoribilia. That took the entire day. What a waste of writing time.

Yes, I did enjoy the outing with my friends. This is an annual tradition, but I think I'll skip it next year if they are determined to do the malls. My son is older now. You can find Hannah Montana book bags anywhere. So why bother?

The list goes on and on of what is keeping me from writing: Christmas cards--still not done. Holiday baking--not even thinking that far ahead. Christmas lights and tree--not strung or hung. Painting--almost finished. Annual Christmas party--not even finished the guest list.

December has always been my least productive month. This year I am determined this trend will not repeat itself. Early in the fall I gave myself a deadline of having my current novel polished and ready to send to the publisher by the end of 2007. I'm not even halfway through the first draft. I've got to get focused on my writing and treat it like a business. I'm not the only one with Christmas cards to write and gifts to buy and wrap.

Everyone else does it. Why can't I?

Starting today, no more trips to the mall. No more wasting precious writing time by checking email or calling friends to chat. I have a job to do. I need to get at it.

Have a productive and blessed day.

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  1. Looking for joy in the journey and wasting precious writing time. I'm Audrey.