Thursday, November 08, 2007

Madonna Stamps

It's that time of year again. The Christmas stamps are now available at your local post office, which bring to mind two things. First, it's time to get out our Christmas card lists and start filling our cards. I receive over a hundred cards every year. Mostly because I send out more than my share on top of the ones I hand out at church.

Even though the price of postage has gone up since last year, my list is even longer. I collect addresses all year long at book signing events and try to touch base with each reader through a personalized Christmas card. What better time of year to show my gratitude?

The second thing the new stamps remind me of is to stock up on the Madonna stamps. I try to buy enough to last me well into the new year. I do this for two reasons. First and foremost, the stamps are a witness to recipients and everyone who touches my mail along its route of the saving power of Jesus.

The second reason I buy Madonna stamps is to annoy the ACLU. Every year they launch a campaign to stop the production and sale of the Madonna stamp, stating the old stand-by, seperation of church and state. Give me a break.

They'll do anything to rid us of the real reason behind the holiday. I'm not suggesting anyone honor Christmas. I'm not trying to thrust my beliefs upon anyone else. If you don't want to honor Christmas, than don't. But don't tell me how to celebrate this season. And don't remove Christ from it.

So run out and stock up on those Madonna stamps. Let the post office and the ACLU know we will celebrate Jesus's birth today and everyday of the New Year.

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