Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still plugging away

I apologize for not posting to my blog on a more regular basis. I also apologize for not offering any words of wisdom to new and aspiring writers, or writers like me who feel like they'll never know enough or their craft will never be good enough for anyone to actually read.

Even after publishing five novels and writing several others that are in the lineup for publication, I often wonder if I have anything new and different to offer the reading public. I mean, what's the point after all? Aren't there enough books out there to keep readers satisfied until Jesus comes back with all his angels to catch us up in the air?

So I keep struggling with my inner turmoil and hoping I've learned something with each book I've read and especially with each one I've written.

Yesterday my friend called to tell me she had just spoken with a woman at one of the county extension offices where she does business. The woman had seen my friend's name in the acknowledgments of one of my books and asked my friend if she knew me.

She proceeded to tell my friend that she loved my books. She had just finished the last one and couldn't wait for the next. She had read hundreds of books by big name authors and hadn't enjoyed any of them as much as she liked mine. She told my friend to tell me to keep writing and keep the books coming.

My friend said by the end of the conversation her face hurt from smiling in pride so much.

Like my friend told the woman I haven't really had any formal training in writing. My gifts are natural, which to me means God-given. If God gave me this gift, isn't it wrong of me to bury it in the ground like the unfaithful steward for fear of rejection.

I think I'll keep writing, keep growing and learning. My desire is to use my gifts to glorify the Maker and Giver of all good things.

What about you?

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and may we all be truly thankful for what he has given us.


  1. Yes, yes I often feel the same way, and am constantly asking the Lord, "would anyone truly be interested in what I've written, and is it accomplishing anything noble?" Thank you for your encouragement and your inspiration to keep writing whilst God is the ultimate focus. Keep on writing my friend!
    - Jo

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post--I feel the same way. Why would God choose me to write, and what do I have to say? I ask myself these questions all the time, but I have come to the conclusion that God knows best. God bless you and your work today.