Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Online Marketing

I haven't been doing much online work lately. Lots of marketing ops this month are keeping me from completing other tasks. October and November are my biggest marketing months--I probably do more in those two months than the rest of the year combined, at least in person. The other ten months focus on writing and networking online or through other venues.

I love getting out and meeting readers. At least that's the goal. Last night I had a book signing to which no one came. Oh well. I had a nice talk with the librarians and the head of the Friends of the Library committee. Set up an event for next year at a Ohio college where I will be speaking to faculty. That should be interesting.

I love to speak as you have probably discerned. But the online marketing must not be ignored. I was interviewed by Michelle Gregory on her blog Life in the Midst of Writing on the topic of marketing; what works and what doesn't. I have learned a few things about the subject in the last few years since the publication of my first book. It's sink or swim in this business. A fledgling writer must overcome shyness and reticence about speaking or tooting one's own horn, as it were. I'll let you know when the interview appears and link you over there. Plenty of good stuff and tips on how to begin.

Another thing that's suffered the last few weeks while I've focused on outside events is my writing so I'm off to get cracking.

Have a blessed day and week.

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