Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Feels like 114

What a week! I started a new novel last week, but haven't made much progress. Four days out of five last week were dedicated to giving my website a long overdue overhaul. I think I did an okay job considering only a few years ago, the only way I knew to turn off a computer was to kick the surge protector under my desk. Check it out at

Then Saturday morning an alleged cop killer escaped from our local jail. A massive manhunt has been under way in the surrounding wooded areas. They think they have him pinned down in a relatively small area. If that's true, why haven't they got him yet. The command center they showed from the air today on Columbus's NewsCenter, looks like a small city. What's the holdup? Or are they telling us that to make us think the authorities have the situation under control?

I am praying the Lord gives them wisdom to flush him out. Safely with no life lost. This man, John Parsons, allegedly robbed a gas station in April '05. While making his getaway, he encountered an off-duty police officer, Larry Cox, and shot and killed him. Now, the same man has escaped from the same city where he allegedly(I keep forgetting to add that word) killed one of their brothers in blue. He's not a popular guy on all counts.

Just like the sweating, frustrated, overworked officials who've been hunting for him for five days, Mr. Parsons has to be feeling the heat. It's hot here in Ohio, just like the rest of the country. For 4 consecutive days, the heat index is making it feel like 114. Unlike his pursuers, Mr. Parsons doesn't have an airconditioned motor home in which to take refuge. Nor does he have bottled water or frozen Snickers bars. (I'm speculating on the Snickers bars.)

So Mr. Parsons needs to come to his senses and turn himself in before he dies from heat exposure or takes 27 warning shots in his quest to remain a free man. I believe we must all pay for our crimes, but the Christian in me hates to think he will be gunned down in a field somewhere in Ross County. Meanwhile my carnal side is annoyed at all the tax money and manpower expended to search for this (alleged) cop killer, who was someone's husband, father, brother, and son. You realize don't you, that after he's taken alive, the state will spend thousands to restore him to health before convicting him.

Where's the justice in that? I can't even afford Lasic Eye Surgery.

I said all that to say this...

Not only have I had all these distraction keeping me from working on the new book, my editor sent rewrites for my last book, Evidence of Grace, which will be out June, 2007. Rewrites always take precedence over first drafts so I'll put the new book aside for another few days. Hopefully by the time I finish the rewrites, a cold front from Canada will have pushed the heatwave into the Atlantic, John Parsons will be back in jail and I can go outside without scanning the woods behind my house first, and my author copies of my new release The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter will be here. But that's a post for another day.

Stay cool.

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