Monday, August 14, 2006

Darcy is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday evening I got an email from my publisher telling me she had received her copies of my latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter. She was surprised that I hadn't mentioned receiving my own copies. She suggested that getting books in the mail isn't as exciting now as it was in 2004 when my first book, Streams of Mercy was published.

I wrote back, assuring her getting a delivery of books is still exciting beyond my wildest dreams. It's just that the truck arrived as I was preparing to leave to speak at a business meeting so I didn't have time to do much more than answer the delivery driver's questions and give him a bookmark. For the rest of the week, other projects took up my time and I forgot to tell her or anyone else about Darcy's arrival.

Now that everything has settled down and I have time to catch my breath, I can tell you there's nothing more thrilling than seeing a semi pull over in front of my house with a shipment for little old me. To me it's like looking forward to a new baby. It never gets old. The anticipation is still as strong as with the first one.

This book is my first romance, so I am doubly excited about its release. It isn't technically in the stores yet so I'm keeping my excitement in check. I already have several tour dates planned for Fall/Winter with more in the works. Check my website to see when I'll be in your area.

Until next time have a blessed and prosperous week.

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  1. I just finished Darcy and absolutely loved it! I especially enjoyed the humor and the delightful characters. Great job Teresa!