Monday, March 08, 2010

Spread the word about your Writing Life

This morning on The Writing Life, Terry Whalin's post was entitled, Publishers Cringe at this Question. Well, I cringed at the following segment.

From Terry: "Often authors feel powerless when in reality they have lots of power which they are not using...Who have you told about your book in the last month? the last week? the last day? How are you telling them? Are you using an electronic newsletter? Are you using a blog? Are you using social media like Twitter and Facebook? Are you involved in online groups and telling people about your book in the signature of your email? Are you using direct mail such as postcards or printed pieces such as bookmarks? Are you speaking about the topic of your book? Are you doing radio interviews and readings at bookstores...What are you doing to stir those multiple presentations about the benefits and value of your book?"

Before I ever began submitting for publication, I knew a lot of marketing work fell on the writer's shoulders. Is it my imagination or has that workload just gotten heavier. Thanks, Terry.

But he is right. Besides writing a fabulous book readers can't put down, the writer's responsibility for success continues to grow.

Today is Monday--the day we roll up our sleeves and hit it hard. If something in the above statement didn't light a fire under you about all the things you should be doing to bring attention to your writing, please reread. Better yet, follow the link to The Writing Life and read Terry's entire post.

Then get to work. Does your website need updated? When did you last send a newsletter? Have you commented on other writing blogs today? Have you guest hosted in the last month? Have you handed out bookmarks to your church group, library, or bookstore? Do 5 marketing tasks this week, regardless of where you are in your publishing journey. Just because you don't have a new book to tout, doesn't mean you shouldn't stay in front of readers.

And don't forget to write something.


  1. Promotion is important and takes some time but will help in the long run. I'm considering getting a small stack of business cards to use in my promotion. Good for when meeting people in person at least.

    This is a good topic to post about. Nicely done here.

  2. Definitely get the biz cards, Dawn. My problem is forgetting to carry them with me half the time. For me, blogging isn't half as difficult as getting someone to follow you. Great ideas to put into action.

  3. Teresa,

    I'm honored that you liked my post. Keep up the good work.

    author of Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams