Monday, January 04, 2010

Two years ago my friend joined a group called Celebrate Recovery created by The Purpose Driven Life’s Rick Warren. She has grown immeasurably since joining. One thing she told me about the other day was taking inventory of her life, especially of how she has grown from last year to this.

Unlike resolutions, an inventory is simply a way of making sure you are on track to reach your goals you have already set and evaluating where you are on your journey, whether spiritually, physically, in relationships, career, or any other goal a person might have made.

Unfortunately after writing my inventory for 2009 this morning, it was so depressing I cannot bear to post it here. Suffice it to say, I did not get a book contract. I’m not sure if that means I went way off track in reaching that goal or if I can blame the economy and other factors. Maybe a little of both. I did procure an agent last year. That was a step in the right direction. I wrote another book though it is far from a publishable form. Maybe it will be my breakout bestseller.

Since today is Roll up your Sleeves Day here at Joy in the Journey, I challenge you to take an inventory of your goals and how far you’ve gone in reaching them. Are you still on track? Do you recognize where you are headed? Is what you’re doing today drawing you closer to those goals, or are your time and energies better off spent elsewhere?

I believe nothing easy will come to any of us this year. If you want something you’re going to need to roll up your sleeves and go after it.

I will continue in 2010 to hone my skills and grow in the craft. If something doesn’t change soon, I will be forced out of the house and back to the nine-to-five grind. Since I would rather eat barbed wire, I trust this sense of urgency will propel me to take drastic measures, like actually fastening my rear to the chair and focusing on my writing.

What about you? Are you on the right path to end up where you want to go? What resistance do you regularly face? What can you do today that will put you on the fast track to your goals?


  1. But what you did do in 2009, Teresa, was open your blog up to other writers and give us the opportunity to share. I know I'm glad you took the time and effort for that. Happy New Year!

  2. Could you tell I was really bummed yesterday? Better today. Need to learn--and practice--that whole giving it to God thing.