Friday, October 16, 2009

Tale of Tails with a Thirst for Verse

This morning I am happy to welcome award winning author James E. Tate to Joy in the Journey.

Tale of Tails with a Thirst for Verse is a "...Heartwarming book about life, love, God, nature, science, and family."A fun read." --SRD

A cross between William J. Bennett’s Book of Virtues (for prose), and both Ogden Nash and Robert Frost (for verse), the book works well for something to cuddle with or a thoughtful gift.

The first part of the book’s title was taken from this excerpt: “If you find a tail with a dog attached / say hi, and pat its head / If to the tail a Rottweiler’s latched / better nothing’s said.”

You’ll learn how to handle a talkative caller with, Rx for Phone Fatigue, “If the caller won’t quit / and you’re having a fit / to get off the phone / and you know it’s no use / to make an excuse / just ask for a loan!”

Another short poem describes the foibles of a prevaricator, titled, Never Applaud a Fraud, “No accolades for the man so sly / as to avoid some blame by telling a lie / but he earns respect if he takes reprove / and the risk of shame by telling the truth.” More serious is an inspirational poem: Finding Jesus, “When your heart feels a tug / and your soul wants to worship / and you feel a certain longing / deep within your spirit / just kneel in prayer / you’ll find Jesus there.”

Essays and articles fill nearly half of the book. Reflect on this snippet from, Magnificent Creation.

“Consider for a moment, the genetic attributes of the body, the gene pool from which we are made, and we become aware that our bodies are marvelous creations.” Another excerpt: “Thanks to aids such as the electron microscope, scientists have found a microcosm so complex it defies the greatest minds to unravel. Each DNA cell is one thousandth of an inch in diameter, containing fifty thousand genes to a cell! I suppose we can compare the makeup of our bodies to the complexity of the vast universe itself.”

For those that love intrigue, check out the story, A Sound in the Night and see how a boy, left at home alone with his sick dog handles mysterious noises in the night.

These and many more are carefully selected works from over 40 years of my writings covering life, love, God, nature, science and family. A book that’s different.

If you like to read about life, romance, pets and wildlife, religious and secular, this book is for you. It depicts varied subjects regarding fantasy, space travel, prehistoric creatures, Christmas stories, Bible characters, and much more.

See for more information.

Learn more about James and his writing journey on his blog.

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