Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deadly Intent by Camy Tang

Reviewed by Susan Sleeman
If you enjoy romance, suspense, and inspiration, this book has it all in a well-balanced mix.

I have never been a spa kind of girl, but Camy Tang's fabulous descriptions of life at the Joy Luck Life spa, in her latest release Deadly Intent had me rethinking my decision. Until she started to kill people off in this exclusive Sonoma spa, that is.

Naomi Grant, filling in as the spa manager for her father who's recovering from a stroke, finds herself faced with big challenges. Not only is her client Jessica Ortiz murdered in the spa, but Naomi soon becomes a prime suspect in the murder. She finds herself turning to Dr. Devon Knightly for comfort, help in the locating the killer, and most importantly, matters of the heart. Her heart, that pines after the handsome Dr. Knightly. But when Naomi learns that Dr. Knightly had once been married to Jessica and is a suspect himself, she is forced to decide if she can trust him. Thus begins a fast paced, well plotted, suspense book with an equally pleasing romance.

Tang draws you in right from the beginning through her characters and the first spark that flies between Naomi and Devon. I liked Naomi right off the bat. She's a strong woman, yet insecure when it comes to telling her father what she really wants to do in life making her a very real character. The supporting cast is equally flawed yet real.

Tang keeps you reading with the tightly written suspense. Hair-raising events keep you turning the pages until the end, never guessing the killer's identity, before the story ends with a satisfying bang. The faith message is strongly woven throughout the book, never intruding, but adding to your reading enjoyment. So if you enjoy romance, suspense, and inspiration, this book has it all in a well-balanced mix.

Go here to read the first chapter of Deadly Intent by Camy Tang

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