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The Samson Effect

A Note from my friend Tony Eldridge, creator of Marketing Tips For Authors

First off, I want to thank Teresa for letting me share something I am very excited about! In October of 1997, I published my first novel, The Samson Effect. I was able to get it into the hands of the "Grand Master" of the American Action/Adventure novel, Clive Cussler, who said The Samson Effect is a "first rate thriller brimming with intrigue and adventure."

In the same month that The Samson Effect was published, I was contacted by a major Hollywood producer who acquired the film rights to the novel.

As a former minister, I did detailed study in the Old Testament, especially focusing on the Old Testament Characters. I still believe that God is the best Action/Adventure writer of all-time. The Samson Effect looks at the story of Samson and brings it into a modern day "treasure hunt" of archeology and the search for an ancient secret.

Recently, I made the decision to release the entire book as a serial release for free, a chapter a week. You can read about this at the blog I created to host the serial release. I did this in part to increase the exposure of the book for the physical books that are for sell as well as well as to increase its presence as the film producer works to find a home for it on the silver screen. Here is the link where you can read more about the serial release.

I look forward to seeing you all on this journey with me. The serial release starts on Monday, May 4th, but you can jump in anytime to find the link back to Chapter 1 and get caught up. I will be monitoring the comments, and I look forward to actively participating and answering any questions you may have. The only limitations that I place on the questions is that I won't provide spoilers and I may edit comments that include spoilers.

About The Samson Effect:
Since discovering an ancient scroll in a cave in Hebron, Israel, American biblical archeologist Thomas Hamilton and his trusted friend and colleague, Israeli biblical linguist Michael Sieff, have been consumed with the notion of the Samson Effect—the idea that a long-lost elixir can allow an ordinary person to perform superhuman feats. When they happen upon a worn Hebrew parchment that not only confirms the existence of the Samson Effect but could potentially lead them to its source, the scholars embark on an impassioned crusade for the truth behind the myth.

But Hamilton and Sieff aren’t the only ones intent on uncovering the secret of Samson’s strength. An unrelenting sect of Jewish protectors will let no one stand in the way of their mission to reclaim what they had hidden nearly three thousand years ago, and a brilliant but ruthless Palestinian leader will stop at nothing to find and use the Samson Effect to empower his army of soldiers for a jihad against the world in the name of Allah.

It isn’t long before their joint pursuit becomes a deadly one, and Hamilton and Sieff come to the grim realization that the Samson Effect is more powerful and far-reaching than they ever anticipated. In the wrong hands, it could trigger a worldwide catastrophe.

A chilling and suspenseful tale of political and religious intrigue set in the unforgiving landscape of the Middle East, The Samson Effect wanders the boundaries of obsession and love, betrayal and allegiance, and vengeance and justice.

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