Monday, July 14, 2008

Contest Winners

I never thought picking the winners for my two contests would be so hard. All the entries were wonderful and I had a hard time going through them to find just one winner. Next time I might recruit someone to help.

First off, I'll announce the winner of my Blizzard of '78 contest. Thanks to everyone who sent their memories and anecdotes about the blizzard. I loved reading through them. It helped me remember the storm even better. I would like to have used them all, but then the book would've been 500 pages long, and we already know how wordy I can be.

The one I chose to incorporate into the book was sent in by Liz Reid of Hillsboro, OH. In Liz's account, the tiles in her bathroom froze and popped off the wall. She and her husband thought they were under attack. You will have to read the book to see which character suffers through Liz's ordeal.

Liz, I hope you love my version of your story.

Second, is my contest to find a suitable stage name for Calvin Trotter. Calvin, as you all remember, goes to Nashville in EVIDENCE OF GRACE to become a big star. This contest has been going on for such a long time, some of you may have forgotten your name suggestions.

I reread them this morning and they were awesome. Many of you chose variations on the same names. "Buck", "Cal", "Austin", and "Johnnie" were very popular.

I received entries from all over the country, but the name I chose was sent in from practically my own backyard. No preferential treatment was given, though it might look that way.

The name I chose...DRUMROLL PLEASE...
was sent in by Dottie Kohler of Peebles, OH.

This was Dottie's complete entry:
"Dear Sirs,

I think Calvin should use the stage name of either CJ Jefferson (Calvin Jeremiah) or Jeremiah Jefferson. This way he doesn't completely lose his own identity and he honors his grandmother Dolores Jefferson who so far has been his only guiding force in knowing his Savior. Thank you for considering my opinion."

Thank you, Dottie. I loved the reasoning behind your choice.

So Calvin's stage name is CJ Jefferson. Calvin's new persona will appear in Book 5 when he comes home to Jenna's Creek from Nashville where he has made a fortune writing the soundtrack for a Hollywood movie.

For sending the winning entries; Liz and Dottie will receive an autographed copy of the Jenna's Creek books they contributed to as well as be acknowledged in the front of those books. A character named for Dottie will appear in Book 5, the final Jenna's Creek installment.

Congratulations, ladies, and thanks to everyone who entered. I loved your entries and appreciate your participation in the contests.

I hope to hear from all of you soon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and Happy Reading!
Teresa Slack

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