Friday, June 06, 2008

What are you doing with your dreams?

Yesterday I posted an article by Misty Taggart about the perils of Hollywood on one's career. It's easy to listen to others when they say, or even imply, that we're too old or not photogenic enough or smart enough to succeed in the world. Media examples tell us over and over if we're more than a size six, don't have a list of initials after our name, or have a gray hair or wrinkle, we have nothing to contribute to the world.

Shame on us for buying into the garbage. We do have something to offer the world because Jesus said we do. We are more than conquerers through him and by him. We don't have to measure ourselves against the world, who hates us anyway in case you forgot.

I recently began working on a book about writing, a subject I know a little about and love to teach. Immediately the enemy began to whisper in my ear that there are already too many books on the subject. Books by people more qualified than me. I almost listened.

What could I possibly add to an inundated market? What makes me think I'm talented enough to write this book?

Well, why shouldn't I? I am living proof that an unagented, not-so-smart, first time writer can find a traditional publisher. I speak at conferences and am asked all the time about how to break into the field.

All you hear these days is to dare to dream. Dreaming is a blessing. It's the first step to something bigger. Just make sure you don't stop with your dreams. A dream that never comes to fruition, whether through fear or self-imposed limitations, won't do a thing to edify your brother or sister.

If there's something you want to do, something you're dreaming about, don't let the enemy tell you you can't do it or you're not qualified. Listen to the one who loves you, the Creator of heaven and earth, who says you can do all things through his loving grace.

Have a blessed weekend.

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  1. Excellent post ! Thank you for this inspiring reminder that we all need to hear.
    Patti Moore