Sunday, April 13, 2008

Applying Wisdom to writing

You may remember I joined a group called Spark People earlier this year. If your body has become sedentary once becoming a fulltime writer the way mine did, you may want to hop over there and check it out. I am having a lot of fun and have even managed to lose 11 pounds so far. Wow. That's a lot for me since I've never lost more than 5-6 before I got bored with a program and gave up.

Spark People is a wealth of encouragement, motivation, and wisdom gleaned from years of people just like you and me who want to live longer, healthier lives. What I've realized after reading countless articles is that most of them can be conveyed to writing.

Today I read a motivational article that said your likelihood of success in losing weight is to share your vision with others. Find a support team and keep in close contact with them.

Hmm. Much like writing.

Other articles stress the importance of not expecting amazing results in a short amount of time. At Spark People, you are in it for the long haul. This is a lifestyle change, not a lose weight quick scheme.

Again, just like writing. Success in writing seldom if ever, comes quickly. And it sure doesn't come easily. If you want to write the next great American novel or make a living selling articles to national magazines, you dig in your heels and plan to work hard for results.

Nearly every motivational or fitness article I read at Spark People also motivates and inspires me in the pursuit of writing success. Inspiration and motivation can be found almost anywhere if you are willing to look and think of how to apply it to your writing. Nearly every Sunday, my pastor encourages me in much the same way, though he seldom realizes it.

This morning's sermon was on the fig tree in Matthew chapter 21. As I'm sure you know, the fig tree was cursed because it didn't produce fruit. Bam. Right back to my writing. We all have a calling and a purpose for being on this planet right this very minute. I happen to believe my calling is writing. Am I fulfilling that purpose? Am I doing what God wants me to do with the gifts he's given me, or have I hidden my talents in the ground?

What about you? Be encouraged today. Find motivation and inspiration everywhere you look. Whatever you goals and aspirations, God wants you to succeed to his glory.

Have a blessed and productive week.

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