Friday, March 14, 2008

Romance Writers of America

Lot of hubbub going on over at Publishers Weekly over RWA's refusal to let author Molly Noble Bull enter her latest book in a contest. Click to read the whole story according to Publishers Weekly.

The gist is that Tsaba House is not a recognized royalty publisher, thus ineligible to enter these contests. As you all know, my first book, Streams of Mercy, was published by Tsaba House in 2004. Since then, I have had four more novels published. My last book, Evidence of Grace, debuted in June at #18 nationwide according to Christian Retail Magazine. I have never been asked for one dime from Tsaba House for any type of production or promotion costs. I even paid for my contract from Tsaba House to be examined before I signed it. According to the negotiator I hired, the contract was completely standard. This person found nothing out of the ordinary that needed attention or raised any red flags.

I have also submitted my books to other contests like the ones coordinated by RWA. These contests only allow books by recognized CBA publishers. My books have never been turned down for acceptance into these contests. I don't understand why RWA doesn't want to recognize Tsaba House as a traditional publisher when no other organizations have these concerns.

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