Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spread the Spark

There are a few problems about the writing life no one warned me about when I decided this was what I wanted to do with the last half of my life.

First off, no one told me I probably wouldn't get rich or even remotely famous. That would've been nice to know going in. No one told me my family would be the least impressed by my success. Maybe the most important thing I wish someone would've told me before I left the workforce to pursue this dream was that I'd probably pack on a few pounds.

I have always been an active person. I've never had a sedentary job or sedentary lifestyle, that is until I started writing fulltime. Not only do I move around less than I ever have in my life, food is readily available to me. I don't have to wait for a break to stuff my face. I don't have to wait for someone's birthday to have cake. I don't have to worry about fitting into my nice dress pants for that presentation on Friday.

I still exercise almost 6 days a week. I walk my dogs and play with the grandkids, but nothing compares with teaching at a preschool where I was constantly getting up and down from the floor, chasing after 60 screaming kids, and never sat still for more than 2 minutes at a time.

Since coming home to work, and especially over the last year, the pounds have crept on. But I have found a support system that is totally free and available to everyone with internet access. Surely you have it since you are reading this post.

If you don't know about Spark People, let me be the first to enlighten you. Even if you don't need to lose weight, the support and encouragement you get there to live a healthier lifestyle is invaluable. I have been having a great time since I joined and have even lost a few pounds. Check it out. If you decide to join, be sure and tell them you were referred by yours truly. I'll earn these things called Spark Points. I'm not sure what they're good for, but I am hooked on earning more.

Even if you aren't strapped to a computer all day like I am, I guarantee you'll have fun. If not, I'll name my next child after you.

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  1. I must check out Spark People - anything that might help with the ever-increasing poundage! LOL (And since I seriously doubt you'll have a "next child" to name after anyone, I won't bother to complain if I don't like them. :D