Monday, December 10, 2007

Join me tomorrow when I will host Tricia Goyer who will be announcing the release of her new book A Shadow of Treason, Book 2 in her Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War Series.

"I walked with Tricia Goyer's characters. I breathed with them. I felt their anguish and shared in their triumphs. That's the true test of a novelist's superior writing---unforgettable characters."
---DiAnn Mills, author of When the Nile Runs Red

In the meantime let me tell you about my last author event for '07. This is my busiest time of year when it comes to marketing. I'm sure it is for all authors. We spend most of the year toiling away in virtual anonymity, only to come out of our shells periodically to hawk what we've written. Writing a book is probably the hardest thing most of us will ever do. Not just starting a book, or talking about writing one and discussing our characters with anyone who is polite enough to listen, but actually breathing life into these people. Not to mention my favorite part, writing those two magical words: THE END.

But letting the world know you've written a book, or five or ten of them, is definitely much harder. It's a job that never ends. That's what I've been doing for the last three months. A vital part of building a writing career, but something that takes a writer away from her computer. We can't let that go on very long.

Now I'm finished for '07. Whew! I can get back to my real job.

This weekend I wrapped up my touring schedule in Maysville, KY at the third annual writers' fair to benefit the Washington Opera House. A tour of the refurbished opera house is worth a trip in itself to Maysville, just across the river from Aberdeen, OH.

I had a wonderful time meeting other writers from Kentucky and the surrounding tri-state area. Most of all, I love talking with readers about the books. I don't know which is more fun. Meeting someone who hasn't heard about me before the event, and who discover the books for the first time. Or running into someone who says they've read all my books and want to know when they can expect the next one.

I have had a great time at all my events this year and look forward to a full and busy 2008. If you are still toiling away behind your computer screen, don't be afraid to venture out into the big world and promote yourself a little. Intimidating at first, but definitely worth the trip.

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