Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blog Tour

From May 15th-June 15 was the blog tour in honor of the release of my latest book Evidence of Grace. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to host me on their blogs. I encourage you to follow the links in the right hand column to check out these wonderful writers.

As far as I'm concerned a blog tour is the way to go. Gas is hovering at $3 a gallon in southern Ohio as we speak. Who knows what it will be the next time I'm at the pumps. Everyone is talking about cutting corners in other places because we can't do without the gas. We need it. They have it, so they can charge whatever they please.

In place of actually getting behind the wheel of my minivan and driving somewhere, I have been able to make myself more visible with a blog tour.

Janet Evanovich, author of the Stephanie Plum mystery series says building a web fan base helped her go from virtual obscurity to best selling author. Her first Stephanie Plum mystery had a print run of 13,000. The print run for her latest, Lean Mean Thirteen is 1.5 million. Wow! A writer's dream.

But this success doesn't come easily or quickly. It takes a lot of work. Work I'm ashamed to say I haven't invested in marketing. My favorite venue to promote books is libraries. My least favorite are bookstores. Alas, marketing is a necessary evil. The world wide web is more accommodating to my introspective nature. But it's still a long road ahead and lots of blood, sweat, and tears.

Everyone knows there's safety in numbers. Have you heard what Publishers Weekly had to say about the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Tour? Four Christian fantasy writers will kick off a tour the Eastern United States following the Intl' Christian Retailers Show in Atlanta in July. A book tour like that would be fun. You'd have a shoulder to cry on if no one showed up and someone with whom to celebrate when the crowds couldn't fit through the doors.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in my blog tour. Hope to see you in the stores soon.


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