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Welcome to author Toni V. Lee

In case you haven't discovered it yet, a great place to meet and network with Christians authors, artists, and just plain wonderful people is Shoutlife. Shoutlife is a fun place for those who have felt out of place or overwhelmed on other online communities. Shoutlife is also where I met Christian author Toni V. Lee. (pictured at left) Today we are going to discuss Toni's latest book, Expectations, and get to know Toni a little better. First read the review for Expectations and then join me in welcoming Toni to Joy in the Journey.

Expectations is a romantic comedy-drama about a woman who prays for a husband and receives more than one unexpected answer.When Michael Greer barges into Daria Simpson’s home to avoid a belligerent ex-girlfriend, Daria is not impressed. Then Michael renews his relationship with Christ and begins attending her church. Suddenly, the atmosphere becomes electric, and despite her best intentions, Daria can’t get her mind off that man. Soon they’re having monster alerts that have nothing to do with ogres or dragons. Hilarious encounters, eccentric aunties, and a persistent ex-girlfriend give them plenty of action, but nothing prepares them for the arrival of a secret baby who reveals an awful secret.

Will Michael walk away and fulfill Daria’s fearful expectations, or will their attraction mature into a godly love that lasts a lifetime?

A fresh look at the struggle for pre-marital purity and the power of forgiveness can be found in Expections, the latest work by Toni V. Lee. Using recognizable characters,
situations, and comedy, this novel addresses the impact of self-discovery, physical intimacy, and spiritual renewal on the Christian single man and woman.

Good evening, Toni. Sorry for the delay in having you on the Joy in the Journey, but I know it will be worth the wait. Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

I’m a former Sunday school teacher who loves to curl up with a good romance novel.

I’m committed to communicating the message of Christ through my novels and plays;
hence my motto: Spreading Truth through Fiction.

Just prior to my work on Expectations, I published my first play, The Crown

I have a BSBA degree from the University of Central Florida and live in Central Florida with my family. I’m a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association, and I’m a member of the leadership team of the CIC (Complete in Christ) Singles’ Ministry of my church.

Spreading truth through fiction. That's what it's all about. What can you tell us about your book?
Expectations is a romantic comedy-drama about a woman who prays for a husband and receives more than one unexpected answer.

The novel takes you on a roller coaster ride of laughter, drama, self-discovery, spiritual renewal, and love.

Using recognizable characters, situations, and comedic views of dramatic events, Expectations addresses the crippling effects of unforgiveness and the struggles involved in Christian dating and remaining pure before God.

What messages do you hope readers will gain from your novel?

My novel has many interrelated messages. I would like readers to gain the following from Expectations:

We have expectations, but God has a plan.

The truth that God loves them and is concerned about every facet of their lives.

Sometimes the answer we expect from God is not the answer we receive, but it will be the right answer for us. The timing of that answer will be perfect.

Unforgiveness is a destructive force.

Time for us here on earth is finite. Don’t put off having an honest and intimate relationship with Christ until tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come.

It’s important to stay pure before God in thought and deed.

What specific feature of the book will cause informed readers, who may already own other books on this subject, to spend money and time to read this book?

The novel takes you through a gamut of feelings. The characters and situations are recognizable and real.

The reader will care about the characters and become involved with them and their situation.

When writing Expectations, I tried very hard to make the characters real and believable, so that readers would identify with and relate to them. So far, reader feedback has been awesome.

What quotes from Expectations do you think emphasize your main messages?

“Lord, why is it taking You so long to send me a man? I’m trying to wait patiently and contentedly for You to send me somebody, but it’s just taking sooooooo long.” – Daria’s—the heroine—lament.

“Y’all be careful, you hear. Flesh is a mess when you don’t keep it in check.” - Aunt Euvinia speaking to Michael and Daria.

“Unforgiveness is like a slow poison. It spreads through you, corroding and contaminating your soul, leaving bitterness and hatred in its wake.” - Pastor Wicham.

Your reader feedback has been encouraging, what responses have given you the most encouragement?

I’m delighted and humbled by all of the responses I’ve received. They are generally “A good read. I couldn’t put it down.”, “The story is so real! Did it really happen?”, “I was there in every scene with the characters.”, and “When will the sequel be available?”

I’ve also received great responses from an unexpected source—middle and high school teenagers. They were not my targeted audience, but they really love the book and are being blessed by it. Well...we have expectations, but God has a plan.

Needless to say, a whole lot of encouragement can be found in the responses I’ve received.

Tell us what we have to look forward to in the future. What new projects are you working on?

I am currently working on my second novel, Even Then (working title). It contains some of the lovable and hilarious characters from Expectations. Even Then is a romantic comedy-drama about two women whose hearts are sent into a tailspin when they’re broadsided by the love of men they thought they knew very well.

If you like Aunt Lenore and Aunt Euvinia in Expectations, you’re going to love ‘em in Even Then.

Who are the Aunties?

Lenore is that elderly Christian who sees everything, especially when you’d rather she didn’t. She readily imparts wisdom and threats with an even hand to keep those she cares about in line.

Euvinia is quick to laugh and full of fun. She’ll joke with you and deliver wisdom all at the same time. You’ve got to love her.

You know these ladies. Both of them will get in your business and in your face without a qualm...all in the name of love.

Where can I find Expectations?

Expectations is available at...
On-line bookstores (,,, etc.)
1-877-421-READ (7323)
Local bookstores (If you don't see it on the shelf, ask for it.)

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