Monday, September 25, 2006

Words of blessing

I had a great writing week last week, accumulating 25,000 words in my current WIP. If I could keep this up consistently, I could pump out a first draft in 30 days without thinking twice. Unfortunately life interferes, weeds take over my flower gardens and demand my attention, I get distracted, or I'm just plain lazy. There are so many factors in a successful writing career I need to work on: discipline, consistency, time management.

But what I really need to keep in mind is how those 25,000 words I pumped out last week will impact the world. Yes, I do think it those terms. I'm not writing fulltime for my own personal gain or gratification, although those are nice. I want my words to make a difference in someone's life. Mostly, I want my words to glorify the Father.

During my devotion time the other day, I read something that reminded me of this. From that revelation, I came up with this prayer that I am going to tape over my monitor so it will be on my mind every time I sit down to work.

Heavenly Father,
I pray that only positive, uplifting words of blessings come from my heart and my pen. Words that edify and make the heart sing; that complete and make whole. May I speak and write as You would, whether it be with meekness or boldness, may they be words from Your heart.

We might all be better off to keep this sentiment in mind as we go about our lives today. Not just writers or educators or speakers but all of us. We all impact someone else, even indirectly. Let us examine ourselves and the words out of our mouths.

Have a great week!

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